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ACA Multimedia

Wrapping up FRHA’s week of consumer information on the Affordable Care Act, FRHA has rounded up some of the best multimedia resources to make sure you and the clients you serve are informed and prepared when health care reform laws take effect. 

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare: Health Insurance Changes Coming Your Way Under the Affordable Care Act- From nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, cute animations explain the way Americans will get health coverage and what it will cost when the majors parts of the ACA go into effect. A Spanish version is also available here.

Health Care Finder USA- This App for iTunes and Android from the Young Invincibles, geared toward young people, helps you discover your healthcare options and find local healthcare services. The "Find a Doctor" section helps you find both free and paid healthcare options - results are shown on a map or as a list.

Subsidy Calculator- Also from Kaiser Family Foundation, use this tool to enter different income levels, ages, and family sizes to get an estimate of your eligibility for subsidies and how much you could spend on health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act Explained- These 13, 30-second audio clips explain in simple terms how residents can benefit from the ACA and how to comply with the new law. The webpages also have links for more information on each of the topics. They can be downloaded or you can request a hard copy for free.

Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act flowchart- The Journal of the American Medical Association provides a step-by-step guide through the options and requirements for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act beginning in 2014, including coverage through an employer, coverage through a health insurance exchange, and coverage through Medicaid. See the chart here.

Health Reform Quiz- Test your knowledge of the ACA with the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 10-question quiz. Get social by sharing your results and encouraging others that take it too.

Marketplace Application Process- This video from the federal Health Insurance Marketplace,, introduces an interactive online application process.  Using an example of a single man from Arizona, images of computer screens from the application unfold while a narrator explains the content of each screen. The program concludes with a printable summary of the application and an explanation of what benefits will be received. Find more videos at