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ACA Battleground: Florida


Florida, a diverse political swing-state, is used to being a battleground for presidential elections, but this year the state has become ground zero in the nation's battle over  the Affordable Care Act. 

Florida, the fourth-most populous state in the nation, has the second-highest rate of the uninsured, nearly 25 percent, just behind Texas.  

“Florida is ground zero for Obamacare,” said John Anzalone, President Obama’s Florida pollster. “If you take a look at all of Florida’s natural constituencies, you have seniors… You have minority communities, including Hispanics.”

“And you have areas of the state, like Fort Myers, that were heavily impacted by the recession,” he said. “Also, Miami-Dade is a heckuva lot different than the Tampa area. And then you have North Florida, which is really Southern.”

The travel schedule of the Obama administration’s top health official, Kathleen Sebelius, attests to Florida’s importance. She has made five stops in Florida since June. 

Republicans Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott have been the most public figures against the act. 

Check out this article from The Miami Herald and Kaiser Health News to read how the fight over the ACA has played out in Florida.  

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