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2014 NHSC New Site Application Cycle Open

The 2014 NHSC New Site Application cycle is now open to those sites that have never been approved as an NHSC site. All completed applications must be submitted by June 16, 2014, at 11:59 pm, ET to be considered for an award. Please refer to the NHSC’s Site Reference Guide for all of the program requirements.

In order to apply to become an NHSC-approved site, a facility must submit an NHSC Site Application through the NHSC’s Customer Service Portal. For the upcoming application cycle, only sites that have never been approved as NHSC sites are eligible to apply.  Previously approved NHSC sites will have an opportunity to recertify in fall 2014. The NHSC encourages eligible sites to apply as early as possible. On average the site application cycle can take 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

Before applying to become an NHSC-approved site, please encourage facilities you come in contact with to closely review the NHSC’s Site Reference Guide.  Please note that all auto-approved sites do not need to apply but must contact Regional Office staff found on page two of the “Resources in Your Community” document to add new sites to the NHSC system of record.  Auto-approved site types are listed in the NHSC’s Site Reference Guide.

It is an exciting time to become an NHSC-approved site.  The benefits include access to:

  • NHSC Loan Repayment and Scholarship Program providers who are currently seeking employment at NHSC-approved sites; 
  • The NHSC Jobs Center, where NHSC-approved sites post job openings and site profiles, which attracts over 22,000 unique visitors each month; and
  • NHSC Virtual Job Fairs, which enable NHSC-approved sites the opportunity to recruit providers in a cost effective manner since interaction is facilitated online via the internet and phone.  

A technical assistance conference call will take place on May 1, 1-3 pm ET.  Please encourage applicants to access the call by having them dial 1-888-391-7045, passcode 2240736.  An on-demand webinar will also be posted on the NHSC Website shortly after the New Site Application cycle opens.  In addition, please view a video of Cuba Health Center, one of our member sites, to learn about the benefits of becoming an NHSC-approved site.