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Neglecting Floridians' real-life needs



Despite the Florida and nationwide launch of the new health exchanges pending on October 1st, the Republican-led legislative majority continues to oppose such measures related to the Affordable Care Act. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that the new exchanges are health insurance pools designed to open affordable insurance options to a wider range of individuals than who currently have the ability to participate in an insurance plan. And, because they are the keystone elements of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, political leaders across the nation continue to sway public opinion and public policy to affect the success of the exchanges.  Obviously in support of Affordable Care Act provisions, House Democratic leader Perry Thurston (D – Fort Lauderdale) had this to say about his colleagues leading the state:

“…leaders who say they want to improve Florida’s business competitiveness and image can make great headway by reducing this state’s abysmally high number of uninsured… legislative leaders are harming Floridians by refusing to accept millions of available dollars to help people obtain health insurance. As more residents become aware of their failure to act, I believe they will pay a political price for neglecting Floridians’ real-life needs.”

But there are others as vehemently opposed to his comments.  As a resident, still possibly lost in the quagmire of political cross-fire, what can you do to ‘clear up the mud’ and make sense of the extremely complex and ever-changing information?

First, stay tuned to this blog.  FRHA will continue to post updates on these, and other relevant rural health issues as we count down to the launch of the exchanges and our annual membership summit in November.

Second, make plans to attend the 2013 FRHA Annual Summit in Gainesville, Florida, November 20-22.  There, you will hear from an expert panel on the Affordable Care Act and its impacts on rural Florida.  Special guest speaker State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health John H. Armstrong will also provide a state of the state’s health address that will be sure to be enlightening.  You can learn more about the summit or register for it now here:

Third, take a moment to peruse these excellent news resources for their expertise in all things related to the Affordable Care Act, including up to the minute breaking news.  They each have electronic news letters that will keep you informed about this important issue, helping you climb out of the quagmire, to make up your own mind about health insurance exchanges and other important rural health news.

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