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The Gap, a documentary

Nearly 5 million U.S. citizens don't qualify for Medicaid and are too poor to buy private health care insurance. In this coverage gap, getting sick could mean losing a job, bankruptcy, spreading diseases, and early death.

The Affordable Care Act, in its aim to provide health care insurance to all U.S. citizens, expanded existing state Medicaid programs for individuals with low incomes. The law stipulated minimum requirements for Medicaid eligibility and coverage, but also provided 100% funding through 2016 and then 90% funding thereafter. However, in June 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court found the Medicaid Expansion program unconstitutionally coercive to states and gave states the option of participating in the expansion. Whereas, 27 states including DC have expanded their Medicaid programs, 24 states have opted out mainly due to political reasons.

Who is in the gap? Hard working people that are closer than you might think.

The website, CINEMED, is a joint project created by physician Christopher R. Cogle, M.D. and visual anthropologist Jordana Goldmann, M.A. 

Watch the trailer here.

Watch the entire documentary here.