2019 Rural Health Award Nominations

Nominations will be accepted until February 21, 2019

FRHA's Rural Physician of the Year Award recognizes a medical doctor for leadership in bringing health services to rural populations. Factors taken into consideration include providing outstanding care, involvement in the community, and lasting contributions to the health care system.

FRHA’s Wendell Rollason Award recognizes outstanding public service leadership in the area of rural health issues in Florida. Nominees should display compassion, unselfishness, and commitment in seeking solutions in the delivery of rural health care or quality of life in rural Florida.

Awards will be presented during the FRHA Annual Educational Summit

While you do not have to be a member to nominate someone, the expectation is that you and your nominee (if they win) will register and be present at the conference. Registration for the 2019 Educational Summit includes 2019 membership, a great value. 

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Every submission must include a narrative, 200-500 words in length, about why the person or group being nominated should be considered for the selected award. This narrative is the primary instrument on which the nomination will be judged. Please include the significance of the work of the nominee to the community, populations or individuals served, and explain how rural people have benefited.